Podlexing has joined forces with podcast advertising giant Midroll Media!


A podcast advertising network from Lex Friedman
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Podcast hosts who want to make more money from their shows turn to Podlexing.

You probably don't want to keep dealing with tracking down potential sponsors, handling invoicing, and dealing with all the other flotsam involved with managing advertisers. Podlexing can handle that for you. And we're now actually part of the Midroll podcast advertising platform.

You handle the show—the part you're good at. We'll handle the sponsorships. Get in touch below.



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We can only accept a small subset of the podcasts that pitch us for ad representation. We take on those shows that both fit with the feel of the network, and that reach no fewer than 5,000 listeners per episode.

Get in touch to tell us about your show.

Please indicate not only your listenership, but how you measure those listener numbers.
Podlexing is now part of Midroll for podcast advertising.